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A bunch of Ladies by Fred-S-Kaed A bunch of Ladies :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 2 Lucy: Shaman-type--whatever by Fred-S-Kaed Lucy: Shaman-type--whatever :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 1 2 ''Of course.'' by Fred-S-Kaed ''Of course.'' :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 1 1 ahbdf by Fred-S-Kaed ahbdf :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 2 that dude with the angels by Fred-S-Kaed that dude with the angels :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 2
Basically every Tuesday
This was back in 1785, I was hanging out with Dali in pre-existence, when this guy walks up to me and he says that he's very sorry, but my mother is dead. So I'm like "Ah, nice try, funny guy! My mother ain't born yet, so she can't be dead!" And he says "Ah, nice try, you! Death is a universal constant and it applies no matter what plane of existence you hang out at!" Then Dali is all "Uhm, excuse me, but I'm DALI and DALI SAYS who cares?" And the dude explains that because of this, I won't be born and so I cannot continue to pre-exist because I'm never going to exist to begin with. Or end with. Or segue with? Anyway. So I say to this:
"Well, fuck."
:iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 1 0
Sketch Attack by Fred-S-Kaed Sketch Attack :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 3
Get off cat
A purr-fect Sunday ruined
by a bad pun (and diner)
M- Get off, cat.
C- No.
M- Get off, I say!
C- Fuck you!
M- I need to get up to make diner.
C- And I need to nap on your lap.
M- Come on, Cat. (pushes cat lightly)
C- Fuck off, Man. I'm NAPPING.
M- You're always napping.
C- Proof of it's essential role!
M- Diner is essential too.
C- Yeah. For YOU.
M- Diner includes you, dummy.
C- NO. You are not gonna eat me!
M- What--
M- No, I mean--
M- Shut up, Cat. I mean I need to make
food for you too.
C- Oh.
M- So get off.
C- I don't need you to nourish me.
M- Yes you do.
C- No. I hunt for my food!
M- Nah, you hunt flies because you're bored.
C- Are you trying to hurt the pride of the
savage cat?!
M- Dude, you're just a fat, lazy sofa cat.
C- Pride of the savage cat: officially hurt!
M- The other day you hurt yourself chasing
a laser. That's not even a physical enemy!
C- I'll hunt! You see if I don't!
M- And what are you going to hunt in the
living room?
C- I'l
:iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 1 3
C and S by Fred-S-Kaed C and S :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 1 0 People dont know how to sit by Fred-S-Kaed People dont know how to sit :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 0 Fred back in the box by Fred-S-Kaed Fred back in the box :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 0 This by Fred-S-Kaed This :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 1 Fishing by Fred-S-Kaed Fishing :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 0 Adel on Roof by Fred-S-Kaed Adel on Roof :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 0 3 Crna macka beli macor by Fred-S-Kaed Crna macka beli macor :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 5 2 he's not creepy at all by Fred-S-Kaed he's not creepy at all :iconfred-s-kaed:Fred-S-Kaed 2 10



is the most innocent of zombies

Skin of choice: none. riped mine off a long time ago. Wanted to see what my face looked like under that thing...
Personal Quote: IDidn'tDoItItWasAnAccidentTheyForcerdMeTo!!!
I totally sent one of the films I had made for school this year to the Ottawa International Animation Festival and it got totally accepted and will be totally screened during their Canada Student Showcase.

The film is totally this one:…

It's all pretty total, if you ask me.


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LucidDreamPop Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student Digital Artist
furiously slaps my hands on your page
tdkgunghoul Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're still aliiive? :V
Fred-S-Kaed Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2013
In the large sense of the word; Yes.
le-bob-chan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
I havent seen you in my dreams in a while and all of a sudden I had this really bizarre one in general and you kept asking for me to roleplay with you because there were these 4 new OCs you had and wanted to play with =w=
le-bob-chan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
I got to scared to post this on dA for some reason OTL
Fred-S-Kaed Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
Tash. This went on my desktop so fast you have no idea. And neither did it. It was like "PSHIAW!" "WAIT WHAT IS HAPPENING WHERE AM I" "YOU'RE ON MY DESKTOP YO" and that's how it happened.
le-bob-chan Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
Secretly it was a trap! I had that planned all along /cough
Now I am going to take over your laptop slowly via desktop images!
But I am really glad you like it then
Fred-S-Kaed Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
Aw damn man I ran into your trap like a total fool and someone can't seem to regret it because your plan is just that well prepared you have bested me. Agh.
TheseGuys Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
>:c so you're alive you damned liar
Fred-S-Kaed Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2012
Have I ever claimed otherwise?
If I did, that's already a good clue that I was lying.
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